Our Story


Inspiring people to look good, and feel good knowing that their good looks are rooted in somebody else’s well being.


Building supportive fronts for individuals, families and communities in need.


Community connections 



Looking Good

Believing in others


The foundation of Budget Busters Boutique is based on teachings of our founder Prophet Abraham Jones who dedicatedly became a coach and mentor for the youth in his Ministry (GLHMI) since 2012. He taught, practicalized good lifestyle and exemplified how to live a positive life as a child of God and still be successful without indulging in self destructive lifestyles.

What he gave his youth, apart from spiritual ministration, included material and monetary support allowed GLHMI youth to become responsible, focused and passionate about life and living right.

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These Youth has uncountable Testimonies to share with the World today, One of the benefits of his Guidance is teaching the youth how to support other youth in similar situations either in school, in work places, in families' and in the community. Out of his hard work gave birth to the YAW . The YAW in Christ, which gave birth to Budget Busters Boutique. Budget Busters Boutique is a part of a community youth initiative of Great Light Healing Community Services Society. This Boutique is solely managed by the YAW Youth.

The purpose of this boutique is to generate funds to invest in programs, services and activities that foster innovation, technical skills, technology, data management, life skills, career development, entrepreneurship and education to provide intervention strategies for youth at risk due to substance misuse, physical, emotional, medical, neurological and mental disorders.

Every items you purchased on this website generates funds to continue providing these essential services for our youth in our communities. Remember,  the youth today is our hope for today, and our future for tomorrow. Join us to today to give positive experience to every youth out there to reduce preventable harm.                                  

 Thank you for your support and partnership.

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